Golden Sunrise Dining - Tablescapes for Two

Golden Sunrise Dining - Tablescapes for Two

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Spending time with your spouse is an important part of building a strong marriage.  One of the ways to build intimacy can occur by sharing a special meal.  Introducing "Tablescapes for Two" that can help provide the ambience you need to create memorable moments.  Choose from the different themes.

Sunrise Dining Tablescape for two includes:

+two white/gold trimmed dinner plates

+two white/gold trimmed salad plates

+two white/gold trimmed bowls

+two gold chargers

+two gold salad forks

+two gold dinner forks

+two gold spoons

+two gold knives

+one gold satin table runner

+two satin napkins

+two gold napkins rings

+four glasses

+two white/gold timmed coffee cups

+two candles

+1 mini jam

+one message scroll

(tablecloth not included)