"Tablescape Rendezvous 4 Two" Southern Romance (Pop-Up Dining Experience)
"Tablescape Rendezvous 4 Two" Southern Romance (Pop-Up Dining Experience)

"Tablescape Rendezvous 4 Two" Southern Romance (Pop-Up Dining Experience)

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During 2020, we created "Tablescapes" as way to offer couples an opportunity to be intentional about setting aside time together whether indoors or outdoors.  To continue that theme, we have expanded some of our "Tablescapes" into a pop-up experience.  Introducing "Tablescapes Rendezvous 4 Two." 

Book with us and we will set up a rendezvous experience that will not disappoint.  You will have two hours of dedicated time to spend with your love in an outdoor environment.   We offer a pop-up at selected locations or we can set up on your back lawn.  You decide which one works for you.   The goal is to create memories that will last a life time.

 What will the pop-up experience include?

  • Our staff will set-up and break down your selected "Tablescape Rendezvous 4 Two"
  • 2 hour rental for a party of two
  • Bluetooth speaker will be available if you desire to play your own music 
  • Charcueterie board
  • Food (all items will be sealed)
  • Small Flowers
  • Vase (decorative)
  • Two chargers
  • Two ceramic plates  
  • Gold or silver toned cutlery 
  • Two wine/flute glasses 
  • Sparkling drink (non-alcoholic)
  • Two cloth/satin napkin
  • Woven rug
  • Assortment of pillows
  • Additional decor (may vary)
  • Conversation suggestion cards 
  • Small garbage receptacle

What you get to keep after the pop-up

You can place any remaining food in the food box/bag  that is provided for you to take with you.

Prevention Policies for COVID-19

We are concerned about the health of our staff, customers, and the community.  We take precaution as we set up each pop-up event.  Our staff is required to wear gloves and masks during the set-up and break-down process. We ensure we sanitize all props after each use.